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WR Autos has launched an entry level "hand holding" service for clients buying from dealers. From as little as £350, we will consult on the purchase and negotiate on your behalf. The service includes HPi checks, history checks, viewings and inspection. Delivery can be arranged.

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Basic Car Sourcing Service

My basic car sourcing service starts at just £350

Over the years, I have often been asked for advice from people who have found a car at a dealer or from a private buyer and are nervous or uncertain about aspects of the purchase, such as price or vehicle condition or authenticity. The risk involved in such purchases is high. Regrettably, there are still too many unscrupulous dealers out there and the private ads are a minefield.

This service is for those of you who recognise that having an industry insider with you would be useful.

My experience in negotiating price means that I am better placed to secure a discount on a vehicle than you are, so my fee is generally repaid by securing a better deal using my service.

How it works:

  • You contact me with details of the car you are looking at
  • We agree what you would like me to do and set a fixed fee for my assistance
  • I perform basic checks and authenticate as much as I can remotely
  • I report back to you to say that the car checks out or that I have found something wrong
  • If all looks good, we agree that the car should be viewed and arrange to see it - either together, or I can go alone if you are too busy or too far away
  • I/we view the car and reject it or confirm that it is as described.
  • I negotiate a fair price based on condition and service history
  • You leave a deposit with the dealer and arrange collection and payment

That is the basic service. If you would like me to be more involved - perhaps searching for the vehicles or arranging delivery or consulting with you on the choice of vehicle, the Silver and Gold services are better suited to you and are equally affordable.

Call Jeremy on 07976 845398 for more information or to get started.


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