I can help you to sell your existing car.
For a quick sale, I can arrange to sell it to a dealer, achieving the best price for you for a nominal consulting fee.
If your sale is less urgent, I offer a commission sales service to help achieve the best price for your car.
Some cars are worth far more than the car buying sites or part exchange prices given. In these instances,I will market and sell your car for you. 
  I charge a flat fee for the service. The fee depends upon the value of your car, but is capped at £995 and is usually less. I handle all aspects of the sale:

 Pricing: I will work with you, using my knowledge to agree the optimum asking price.  

Vehicle Preparation:  I have the trade contacts needed to prepare your car to a high and marketable standard for a fraction of the amount it would cost you. Your car is going to sell for a better price and more quickly with those shopping trolley dents and scuffs on the bumper professionally repaired.

Description: My experience in vehicle advertising increases the chances of selling your car. I tell the prospective marketplace exactly what they need to know. I always describe cars honestly and accurately and customers respond favourably.

Enquiries and viewings:  WR Autos will insure your car against theft, accident damage and liabilities. I qualify prospective buyers effectively and am happy to see clients when it is convenient for them.

Fraud: Fraudsters don't wear t-shirts with "con-man" or "dodgy geezer" on them! They are becoming more and more sophisticated. For the car cheats, private ads are a prime hunting ground. I know what to look out for. Whether it is car cloning, key theft or payment fraud, my experience will help your car to remain yours right up until the time that payment has cleared. 

Negotiation: Sometimes there are genuine reasons to haggle a little when it comes to finalising the sale. Often though, it is all too easy to cave in and accept an offer far less than the asking price. I have the experience to gauge this properly. I will ensure that the final price is as high as is realistically and fairly possible.

  Call Jeremy now on 07976 845398 to get the wheels in motion or fill in the form below and press "submit" to allow us to value your vehicle.

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